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Reminiscing about Mt. Pleasant School #34

Barbara Miller remains dedicated to her hometown, in part because of the wonderful experiences that she had growing up in Hockessin

Q&A: Olga Ganoudis

Those in the know can find her on most days simply by pushing open the purple door to her small Trolley Square studio. The studio experiences brisk traffic during the holidays

In fine tune

Irenee duPont, Jr., has kept the family’s 1923 Aeolian pipe organ in top condition

It takes a village

To grow awareness and memberships, local museums are becoming community hubs

All in the family

Owned by a father and his two sons, George & Sons is making waves in Hockessin

A place to create

RH Gallery and Studios is a new outlet for area artists

The human instruments

The Christ Church Choir may date back to 1851, but the voices of the current 18-member choir are fresh with a sense of spirit, dedication and joy, and they're being led by a dynamic director

The art of the image

Luigi Ciuffetelli has enjoyed a long career of making people look their best

Greenville & Hockessin Life Summer/Fall 2017 edition

A visit with style icon Michael Hemphill, a history of the Green Hill Presbyterian Church, raising money and fun with Guest Bartender Nights, and more

Green Hill Presbyterian

A small church with a large presence