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Dec 03, 2018 10:47AM ● By J. Chambless

Liz Brown is a professional life coach and vice president of Cross Talks.

Liz Brown is a professional life coach who has been involved in helping individuals and groups make positive life changes for the last decade. She is the owner of Be Well Life Coaching in Centerville, and works to help people with ADHD and those who are in recovery from addiction. She expanded her business to serve those who are looking to overcome obstacles that have been causing a struggle. She is also the vice president of Cross Talks, and handles all the internal and external business affairs, in addition to running her own Cross Talks groups.

Q: Liz, you're the vice president of Cross Talks, an organization that is based in Hockessin. Can you tell us about the mission of the organization?

A: The purpose of Cross Talks is to help entrepreneurs grow their business to the next level. It is done in four ways: Teaching wisdom through the Bible, providing hands-on proprietary business tools, authentic connection to others in the group, and accountability. Our founder, Soraya (Morgan) Gutman, was inspired to start a master-mind group with the mission of honoring God in business. We are open to any business owner of any faith or belief.

When was Cross Talks launched, and what has been the response?

Soraya launched Cross Talks in September of 2017 and the response has been tremendous. I was so excited about what the group offered and was the first official member. I joined at the end of the first meeting! Since then, we have grown and have one group at The Well in Hockessin and two groups in Glen Mills at Wegman's. The members of the group are genuine and are givers. I have been so inspired by fellow members and have seen tremendous growth in each and every person. I have been a team leader for two of the groups, and it has truly been an experience that has helped me grow professionally, personally and spiritually. Because of the success in the last year, we are now, based on market demand, launching The Cross Talks Training Program so any talented coach or business consultant can run their own group.

What are some of the unique monthly networking events that Cross Talks has held?

Cross Talks holds monthly meetings and encourages members to connect outside the meetings. At our meetings, we have “shout-outs” to members who have helped us, accountability check-ins and goal setting for the next month, a speaker who combines a business lesson with a Biblical teaching and hands-on group work.

You also own Be Well Life Coaching in Centerville. What led you to become a professional life coach?

I was inspired to become a life coach because I was at a crossroads in my life. My youngest of four children was in high school, and I wanted to take the next chapter of my life and help other people. I was inspired by a positive psychology class that I took one summer. There are so many ways to help people thrive through the challenges in life. Too often, people get stuck and don’t see a way to move forward. It is so rewarding to help them succeed. I also have specialties in ADHD, addiction recovery and career coaching. Often these areas present special challenges and my training allows me to help.

What qualities must a good life coach have?

In my mind, you must be an excellent listener, a trust builder, a cheerleader, a motivator and be able to help people see that they are in the driver’s seat to make change. I think a sense of humor is very important as well!

What is your favorite, or most rewarding, part of being a life coach?

The most rewarding part of coaching is when a client reports back that they accomplished something they didn’t think that they could, or that they had a shift in perspective that led to a change. It’s all about small steps leading to big change.

What are a few of your favorite spots in the area?

A: We are so lucky to have so many great spots in this area. Buckley’s Tavern in Centerville is always fun. The Well Coffee Shop and Quinn’s in Hockessin are great spots for breakfast or lunch. We also have a wealth of places to visit – Winterthur, Mount Cuba, Hagley. My favorite improvement has been the installation of new walking trails in the Centerville and Hockessin area. It’s great to have local places to get out and walk.

If you could invite any three guests, living or dead, to a dinner party, who would it be?

That’s easy – my mom, my dad and my father-in-law. All are deceased, and I would love to have one more meal together to ask questions and share joys and tears with them.

What food is always in your refrigerator?

Chopped salad mix – I am a salad lover!

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